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One of the main reasons for the publication of this book is to create an open forum to acknowledge those righteous countries and individuals who set an example of courage and hope during the heinous acts against humankind carried out throughout World War II and the Holocaust, when morality was almost destroyed. For so many people in this world who have seen and experienced untold suffering at the hands of tyrants, totalitarian regimes, and religious persecution, the end of WWII did not bring an end, but contributed to continued “genocide”, as the term became to be known. Where do we start in mobilizing efforts to turn around public opinion and world consciousness?

Cantor William Hauben believes he survived the Holocaust for a reason, and has spent his whole adult life seeking out this purpose. He has arrived at the realization that, even with the many heroes of the Holocaust, there were still many more good people who could have – and should have – stood up to counteract the brutal acts against their fellow human beings. Perhaps they did not realize the urgency of the situation. This, however, only makes the behavior of those who did act even more honorable, and the need for education about such instances even more imperative.

Many instances of heroism have been documented, and many awards have been given for recognition of valor, courage, and selfless sacrifice to preserve and protect the human condition. Yet there are still many heroic deeds which have gone largely unrecognized in the knowledge of the general population. The FAITH Foundation is working to recognize these special individuals, organizations, institutions, and government entities and to educate others about their efforts, so that their actions do not go unrewarded. It is FAITH’s belief that recognition of such actions is an important element in inspiring similar actions from others in the future.

For this purpose, FAITH proposes the implementation of a “Moral Profiles in Courage” Award. Guidelines for the award would be based on both past and present qualifications, such as the nature of the genocide, human suffering and lives saved; the nature of the individuals and government interaction; and what would have been the level of catastrophe incurred, if not for the courageous deeds. The award would be presented annually at a major forum in Washington, D.C. to the recipients. We have termed this award “Moral Profiles in Courage,” because the recipients would be those whose actions truly set the standards – profiles – for courageous human behavior, paving the way for others to do the same. The recipients of this award would serve as a benchmark for all others who hope to achieve the same level of service and care toward humanity.

Program for Reception at Embassy of Israel, Washington DC - January 21st, 2010.


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